Ukraine Travel Guide

Ukraine - New Europe's Tourist Destination

Ukraineis a picturesque country situated in the very heart ofEuropewith a rich history and culture, diversity of natural and recreational resources inhabited with open and friendly people.

The geographical center of Europe is located in Ukraine just like four biosphere reserves of global significance, 500 cities with more than 900 years of history, and 4500 villages with the history of over 300 years.

 For the centuries, there had been numerous state formations at the territory of Ukraine and governed various empires, that is why regions of Ukraine differ much from each other today and each possesses its own unique charm.

Ukraine is washed by the Black and Azov Seas on the south, and the mountains rise predominantly over the western part of the country (the highest peak – mount Hoverla with2061min Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Due to the abundance of cultural and natural sites there is something interesting for every guest coming to visit Ukraine: enjoying the fascinating architectural ensembles of Ukrainian cities,some of which are objects of cultural heritage by UNESCO, visiting the marvelous palaces and parks, exploring the unique culture of the Ukrainian villages,enjoying relaxing holidays at Odessa coast or the skiing resorts of the Carpathian Mountains. Despite the enormous tourism resources,Ukraineis not overwhelmed with the crowds of tourists that will surely make your trip more pleasant.

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