Ukraine Travel Guide

Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine is famous for its variety, high nutritional qualities and delicious taste. It has been burgeoned by virtue of the beneficial geographical location (i.e., unique fertile black soil),  climate conditions suitable for the cultivation of grain and various plants, and partially under the influence of the cooking traditions of the other nations.

 Especially reverent attitude of the Ukrainians is given to the bread. It is a staple food and, simultaneously, a mandatory attribute of most ceremonies and rituals. Other kinds of food made of flour include varenyky (dumplings with different fillings), pampushki (yield rolls served with Ukrainian borshch), galushki (small pieces of dough for a soup), pancakes, and many others.

Undeniably, the most popular dish in Ukraine is borshch (Ukrainian beetroot soup). It includes 50 different products, mainly vegetables. Nevertheless,depending on the region, season and thus a set of available products, the recipe of Ukrainian borshch may differ dramatically. We kindly advice you not to eat Ukrainian borsch (especially for the first time) outside Ukraine, as the way of cooking is rather complicated, and usually passed on from generation to generation thus no one can make the Ukrainian borshch better than the Ukrainian mistress.

Varenyky is also a typical dish for the Ukrainian table. The different filling can be served, such as mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, cabbage,mushrooms and berries.

Arriving to Ukraine,you would be most likely offered salo (lard). We recommend you not to decline this pleasure, because, according to scientists, salo is a very healthy product that helps to prevent atherosclerosis.

For the fans of meat products, we advise to try the stew with potato (pechenya), chops, kruchenyky (beef rolls), cabbage rolls, patty cakes, jelly, fish dishes: crucian carp baked in sour cream, carp stuffed with mushrooms, fish soup. Traditional Ukrainian drinks are stewed fruit and uzvar drink made of seasonal or dried fruit. As for the alcoholic beverages one should try mead, samogon and Ukrainian horilka (vodka).

Bon Appetit!