100+ cool places in Kyiv

Kyiv has a lot of unique spots not known even to locals. To make it up and show a lot of secret and unique places of Kyiv, the founder of Secret Yard travel bureau, popular guide and manager of Kyiv Yulia Bevzenko has introduced her own map "100+ cool places of Kyiv" on November 5, 2016. The map is available in Ukrainian and English versions.

This map features 30 cultural sights and 70 venues such as cafés, restaurants, beauty spots, shops without which Kyiv would miss something according to Yulia's expert opinion. Take a sip of cacao at Call me Cacao, eat ice cream at Umka, enjoy lunch at creative gastro restaurants by famous Dima Borisov or Vegano Hooligano, buy made in Ukrainian at 482 store, rent an evening dress at Oh My Look, visit G,Bar for a beautiful make up and learn about other creative places and its founders.  You can place an order for this map at the email