State Aviation Museum of Ukraine is included into world's 14 best aviation museums

State Aviation Museum of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine) has been ranked 6th among world’s 14 best aviation museum according to the CNN rating.

The museum is the youngest and at the same time the largest historical museum of the country's technical history. It was established in 2003, and its opening crowned the major date – 100th anniversary of world aviation. The museum is operated by Ukraine's National Aviation University, which uses the site for training and education. Started with only 30 machines, today the museum owns the exposition of nearly 70 aircraft and helicopters that makes it the museum with one of the world's biggest displays of aviation technology.

The majority of the aircraft have been ones built by the Soviet Union. Exhibits include supersonic bomber planes, transport planes and nuclear missile carriers.
One of the most impressive exhibits is the Tupolev-104. "On September 15, 1956, a very important event for civil aviation occurred," explains Professor Felix Yanovsky, head of electronics at the National Aviation University. "The world's first jet airliner, the Tupolev-104, made its first passenger flight between Moscow and Irkutsk. This plane is now in the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, and it's the oldest surviving aircraft of this type."

On the territory of the museum you will also find legendary Su-24, supersonic, elusive for radars. Mig-25, which still keeps the world record of height - more than 37 km., multipurpose flying-boat Be-6 – one of two, saved in the world (second is in China). Alongside – the well-known Tu-22, with rockets, once crowned with nuclear war-heads.

The Air Squadron Retro Aircraft Fun Club visited Ukraine and State Aviation Museum in Kyiv in July 2013.