Euromaidan new city tour “Spirit of freedom in Ukrainian style”

Euromaidan city tour is gaining more and more popularity in Kyiv, Ukraine. Growing number of tourists is coming to Kyiv to look at the revolutionary camp and be astonished by the level f its organization, as well as to taste Ukrainian spirit of freedom.

Journalists, politicians and ordinary tourists from all over the world compare Euromaidan today with Zaporizhzhian Sich – well organized military Cossack camp of the 16th - 17th- cc. which subsequently became the capital of an independent Cossack republic.

Today’s Euromaidan – is a separate living body, a certain institute of society able of self organization and self regulation. Pure democracy.

Many international politicians have already visited the Ukrainian camp of freedom. Euromaidan has welcomed Vice President of the European Commission Catherine Ashton, members of the US Senate – republican John McCain, democrat Chris Murphy and many other high-ranked guests.

The Euromaidan started in the night of 21 November 2013 when thousands of people took to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti central square of Kyiv to protest against abrupt decision of the Ukrainian government to suspend preparations for signing an Association Agreement with the European Union.

The night of 30 November became a turning point for Ukrainian people after Berkut special police force carried out forceful dispersal of peaceful protesters. On the next days hundreds of thousand people took to the central square of Kyiv as well as in other cities of Ukraine to demand punishment for those who applied force and gave orders to do so, as well as call for resignation of Ukrainian president and government. Up to one million people took part in the national rally in Kyiv on December 2 that became the biggest rally since Orange revolution of 2004.

The Euromaidan itself is a fascinating and a must-see place. It is growing every day and changing every hour. What used to be several tents have turned into a veritable tent mini city, fortifications are being built and strengthened.  Massive organizational effort and commitment of Ukrainian people have turned this place into an example of disciplined everyday routine life where everybody helps each other and has its own duties. In this mini city one can find civic supreme council, a chapel where people of different confessions can pray, kitchen, medical point, and even an army with its own subordination. Fear does not live here,  instead those who come to the Euromaidan will strongly feel unique spirit of nation, spirit of freedom, spirit of Ukrainian people!