Charity tour of the Japan Offspring Fund

Representatives of the Fund for Safe Food and Living (Japan Offspring Fund)  from Japan visited Ukraine from March 15 till March 23.

Their route went through Kyiv city – Chernobyl town – Ovruch town – Poltava region – Pereyaslav-Khemelnitskiy city. During their visit the members of the Fund provided financial help for the Ukrainian charity fund “Zaporuka”,  gave treatment for sick children and training for Ukrainian massage therapists in the villages of Ovruch area and evacuated Chernobyl villages in the Hrebinka area of Poltava region and Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskii.

Ukraine-Rus’ agency provided incoming tourism services for the members of the Fund, organized visit of the Chernobyl zone and meeting of the Fund’s members with the representatives of the Chernobyl Union of Ukraine.