Quarantine in Ukraine extended until April 24!

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended quarantine in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The government made this decision during a meeting on Wednesday, March 25, reports RBC-Ukraine. The quarantine has been extended for another 30 days - until April 24. At the same time, it is stipulated that quarantine can be either extended or terminated prematurely.

"We continue to quarantine and introduce an emergency in the state of Ukraine for 30 days until April 24, 2020 with the possibility of further extension," said the head of government Denis Shmygal.

Earlier the press secretary of Minister of Health Artem Dekhtyarenko said that the Cabinet will decide on the regime that will operate in Ukraine in connection with the counteraction to coronavirus. According to his spokeswoman, all this is done to localize the virus and minimize its spread. "The government is exploring various options. Both the introduction of a state of emergency and the extension of an emergency throughout the country and the extension of quarantine," the ministry said.