Happy Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

Today we are celebrating one of the most important public holidays – the Constitution Day of Ukraine. It symbolizes the Independence of our country.

How the Constitution of Ukraine was approved?In 1996 the deputies of Verkhovna Rada approved the Constitution. It happened in the fifth year after declaring the Independence. Working the whole night almost all the deputies voted for the Constitution on the 28th of June in 1996. Ukraine was the last country from the Soviet Union to adopt its Main Law.

Why do we need our constitution?Verkhovna Rada, on behalf of Ukrainian nation, adopted the Constitution to take care of Ukrainian citizens of all nationalities, to protect human rights and freedom, to build decent living conditions, to develop a democratic, social and independent country preceding the principle of Declaration of Independence. It was proclaimed on the 24th of August in 1991.

Best wishes from the"Ukraine-Rus" International Agencyteam!

Stepan Romanyuk,
President of "Ukraine-Rus" International Agency