Filmmakers from Japan visited Kyiv to commemorate the Chornobyl 30th anniversary

Ukraine-Rus' agency provided incoming services for a group of the filmmakers from Japan at the end of April – early May. The goal of this trip was to make a documentary film about Chornobyl and inhabitants of Chornobyl zone. Alexander Breus, the former operator of the 4th nuclear power plant unit became the main character of this film. The group visited Chornobyl, "dead city" of Pripyat, the memorial complex "The Wormwood Star", Shelter Object and other sites in Chornobyl. Filmmakers participated in official events on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Ukraine-Rus' agency provided guests with a full range of services: accommodation, meals, transport, excursions and one of the best guides and interpreters of Japanese language.