Cossack village Mamayeva Sloboda hosts ''Christmas Land of Dreams'' festival for the sixth time

International  festival “Christmas Land of Dreams” took place in the Cossack village Mamayeva Sloboda in Kyiv for the sixth time. Numerous guests visited the festival on January 5 and 7 and celebrated Christmas holiday in best traditions together.

Cossack man and women from Mamayeva Sloboda organized bright performance “Cossack Koliada”. Viewers were invited to learn “koliadky” and “shchedrivky” - old Ukrainian Christmas songs. Each guest had also an opportunity to join in cooking master class to prepare traditional “kuita” (ritual dish made of wheat or barley grain mixed with poppy seeds, honey, nuts and raisins)  in makitras (clay bowl with a rough surface) with a wooden makohon to grind poppy seeds and  authentic wooden bowls.

Vertep performance (theatrical nativity scene) with participation of people gathered to view the performance added to the genuine atmosphere of Christmas holiday. Apart of a large-scale concert program, “Christmas Land of Dreams” festival offers festive fair, workshops in handicrafts, Star vertep, Cossack kulesh (traditional cereal made of wheat and lard), horse-riding, tobogganing and other winter activities for fun.  Special music program was provided by Oleh Skrypka (Ukrainian famous rock musician and festival’s founder) and Le Grand Orchestre, ethno band “Ethno Trio Troitsa”, Foma and the Christmas Orchestra.

“Christmas Land of Dreams” festival was first held in Kyiv in 2007 and since then has become an integral part of Christmas celebration for Ukrainian people. Winter festival originated as part of the International ethnic festival “Land of Dreams” that has been taking place every summer since 2004.  The aim of the event is to preserve and promote Ukrainian traditions, contribute to the spiritual unity of Ukrainian folk, develop modern Ukrainian culture.