Ilya Muromets Monument Opens in Kyiv

On Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv, Ilya Muromets monument dedicated to Kyivan Rus’ legendary hero, Ilya Muromets.

It is reported that the seven-meter sculpture is made of bronze and covered with artificial patina. Famed Ukrainian strongman, the owner of the title "The strongest man in the world" Vasyl Virastiuk posed as Muromets (became a living model for creating the Muromets figure).

The sculpture of Ilya Muromets was created using technology that had not previously been used in Ukraine for works of a such a large scale. Its parts were cast in molds made using a 3D printer.

Following the opening of the monument, many participants joined in the celebration at the medieval village near the statue. Guests took part in archery, blacksmithing, horseback riding and sword fighting as well.