Coronavirus quarantine extended in Ukraine until August 31

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has extended coronavirus quarantine until August 31 and approved the country’s division into four types of epidemic zones.

The relevant resolution was adopted at the Cabinet’s meeting on July 22.

"A draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the establishment of quarantine and the introduction of enhanced anti-epidemic measures in the areas with significant COVID-19 spread is presented. This is a new resolution; it is proposed to apply it from August 1 to August 31. It will regulate the establishment of quarantine in the country. Green, yellow, orange, or red level of epidemic danger of COVID-19 spread will be set depending on the epidemic situation in a region or certain administrative-territorial units, " Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said.

According to him, the level will be determined by automated software based on certain algorithms and collected data and will be approved at the level of the State Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergency.

The basic level of monitoring will include the regional indices already considered: hospital bed occupancy rate not higher than 50%, average number of COVID-19 tests not less than 24 per 100,000 population, COVID-19 case detection rate not lower than 11% and if the COVID-19 case growth rate not higher than 10%.

If the region’s indices are within normal limits, it will be considered to be a green zone with the following restrictions in effect: using face masks inside shops and public buildings, carrying out mass events with the number of participants not greater than 1 person per 5 sq. m, holding events in theaters or cinemas with no more than 50% of overall facility capacity, the number of passengers in public transport vehicles must equal the number of seats.

According to Stepanov, the regions that are constantly in the green zone do not need separate intervention and strengthening of anti-epidemic measures at the national level.

At the same time, if the indices change for five days in a row, a region will move from green to yellow, orange, or red zone.

Stepanov also added that all those criteria had been elaborated taking into account the national experience of combating COVID-19 and the practices of other countries.

The Government supported the resolution, but the document will be finalized.

As of July 22, Ukraine has reported 60,995 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 829 cases recorded over the past day.