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Battle of Kyiv


"Kyiv was bombed, And we were told of the war that suddenly broke..." For the Soviet nation, that song stands as a symbol of the beginning of WWII. In July-September, 1941 an immense battle of Kyiv between the Red Army and Wehrmacht began; the battle was a component of the bigger offensive Plan Barbarossa.  The heroic defense of the city on the banks of the Dnieper lasted for more than two months. That fight for the ancient Slavic city made it into the roster of WWII's biggest defense campaigns. Having had lost hundreds of thousands in killed and captured, the Soviet troops had to leave Kyiv. After a devastating defeat at Stalingrad and the Kursk Salient, the Nazi command made Kyiv its key stronghold on the Dnieper turning it into the so-called impregnable "Eastern Wall".  Nevertheless, after heavy all-out battles of Bukrin and Liutezh beachheads, troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front did cross the Dnieper, overwhelmed enemy's defenses and liberated Kyiv in November 1943.

Day 1. Arrival. Welcome dinner with folk music show in a traditional Ukrainian restaurant.

Day 2. Sightseeing tour with a visit to St.Sophia Cathedral, one of the most renowned frescos and mosaic art monuments included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. An overlook of the Golden Gates,the main entrance to the medieval city of Kyiv; also of  St. Michael Golden-Dome Monastery, monuments to Princess Olga, Prince Volodymyr, the Baptiser of the Rus', the remains of Church of the Tithe (the first stone church in the Rus'), the St. Andrew's Church, a masterpiece of Italian architect Rastrelli. 

In the afternoon: a tour of the Park of Glory, the National Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1944 Memorial Complex where the participants will be able to tread 'the Road of War' and see the exhibition of weapons and armaments. 

A visit to Babyn Yar, the site of mass exterminations during the WWII.

Day 3. A one-day trip to one of the beachheads where the battle of Kyiv unfolded.

The Bukryn Beachhead is located in the southern sector of the Kyiv Region in the village of Balyko-Shchuchinka.The village is the home of the Bukryn Beachhead National Museum Memorial built to commemorate the feat of Soviet soldiers at Dnieper crossing during the WWII when some 250 thousand soldiers perished.

The Liutezh Beachhead located in the northern part of the Kyiv Region nearby Novy Petrivtsi settlement proudly hosts the Battle of Kyiv of 1943 National Memorial Reserve to commemorate the place from which troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front smashed enemy defenses in November 1943 and liberated the capital of Ukraine. The Reserve annually holds the Great Victory military and historic reenactments and  Give Us Kyiv! International Festival.

Day 4. Departure

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