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Cossack Mamay

COSSACK TOUR4 days / 3 nights

The tour acquaints with the history and traditions of the military and political organization of Ukrainian knighthood of 15th - 18th century that made it into history under the name of Cossackdom and transformed the Cossacks into the major force of the national liberation movement in Ukraine.The military and organization center of the Ukrainian Cossackdom was Zaporizhian Sich that existed on the island of Khortitsa and exactly here developed Cossack customs and traditions. Zaporizhian Sich remained the basis of Ukrainian statehood for three hundred years; its government was headed by Kosh Otamans who had maces as the symbols of their supreme power. Cossack Mamay is a construct of a Cossack, the legendary knight protector of the Ukrainian nation always ready to assist those in danger, contend for truth and punish offenders.

Day 1. Arrival. Welcome dinner with folk music show in a traditional Ukrainian restaurant.

Day 2Sightseeing tour with a visit to the St. Sophia Cathedral, one of the most renowned frescos and mosaic art monuments included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. An overlook of the Golden Gates, the main entrance to the medieval city of Kyiv; also of the St. Michael Golden-Dome Monastery, monuments to Princess Olga, Prince Volodymyr, the Baptiser of the Rus', the remains of the Church of the Tithe (the first stone church in the Rus'), the St. Andrew's Church, a masterpiece of Italian architect Rastrelli. A stroll along the Andriyivsky Descent, one of the oldest streets in theEastern Europe, also named the Kyiv Montmartre.

A visit to theMamayeva Sloboda Cossack Village(open-air museum) to acquaint oneself with everyday habits, traditions, and lifestyle of Cossacks, watch the Cossack Horse Riding Show, take part in master classes in horse riding, taste traditional Cossack food and beverages - and pass the Cossack dedication ceremony.

Day 3. A tour Cossack Kyiv with visits the Museum of Hetmanhoodin the house where Hetman Mazepa once lived. The museum displays authentic artifacts related to the history and traditions of the Cossack and Hetman movement.  A tour of the building of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, the eldest education institutions in Eastern Europe that were granted the status of a higher education institution in the times of Mazepa's hetmanhood. A sightseeing tour of the Column to Magdeburg right acquired by Kyiv in Cossack times; the monument to Hetman Sagaidachnyi; other architectural monuments in Ukrainian Baroque style that developed in the times of Mazepa.

A boat trip on the Dnieper river. 

Day 4. Departure

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