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Chernobyl Tour

Accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was the biggest technological catastrophe of the second half of the 20thcentury.
Nowadays the level of radioactive emanation in environment has decreased from 1986 year level by hundred times due to natural processes and protection methods that had been applied.
In 2000
Ukraine stopped operation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
The alienation zone is open and safe for visiting today. During one day trip tourists will visit Chernobyl nuclear power plant and observe sarcophagus built over its exploded 4th reactor, the town of Chernobyl, the abandoned town of Prypiat.

One-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone includes:

09:00- transfer Kyiv-Chernobyl (150 km) passing the Dytiatky control check point at the border of the 30-km Chernobyl zone (zone of alienation and mandatory resettlement).
Here the documents will be checked and behavior rules will be shortly explained for the participants of the tour.
11:00 - arrival to Chernobyl,
meeting with the representative of the government agency “Chernobyl Interinform”. During interview guests will get a rough idea about alienation zone and its problems.
12:00 - object of “Shelter” (Sarcophagus) from view platform, observing vegetation that has been preserved after the accident.

Visit to the town of
Chernobyl with observing St. Eliastemple, river port, Park of Glory, cemetery of technique samples that were used during liquidation.
Visit to the dead town of Prypiat which was abandoned by 50 thousand people overnight. Here one can see abandoned buildings, signs from soviet times, an observation wheel that should had been set off on the 1stof May 1986 but was never brought to fulfillment.
15:00 - departure
17:00 - return to Kyiv

One-day tour to Chornobyl can be organised on any day upon client's request.
Price:  43 EUR
/ 950 UAH per Person
Price is valid for a group of min 15 people.
Price includes transfer by bus, guide, entrance fee to the territory
It's possible to book a lunch - 100 UAH / 5 EUR per person
Available languages - UKR, RUS, ENG, GE, FR, IT, GR etc.
contact us to book this tour or request individual price.