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A tour of the Yanukovich’ residence Mezhyhirya

You have probably heard about Mezhyhirya estate that ousted former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych privatized during his governance and made into the luxurious residence at the expense of  funds embezzled from the state.  Journalists and politicians call Mezhyhirya the real museum of corruption.

After President’s escape the residence have been transferred into the state ownership once again and made open for the public visit. Since summer not only the territory but also notorious "Honka" – the main building where Yanukovich lived are open to visit.

We invite you to visit the Mezhyhirya estate and see on your own eyes the 140-hectares Mezhyhirya complex that includes gardens and lakes, famous club house "Honka",  yacht pier, zoo, golf-field,  Galleon landing stage, hunting grounds. At extra cost you will have chance to visit baths or retro car exhibition or dog collection.

Half-day tour to Mezhyhirya can be organised on any day upon client's request.
about 5 hours 

Price per pax:

1 pax
2 pax
4 pax
6 pax
8 pax
10 pax
 € 126  € 63  € 40  € 27  € 20  € 16
 2830 uah
 1415 uah
 900 uah
 600 uah
 450 uah
 360 uah

Price includes transfer by car (1-2 pax), minivan (3-6 pax), bus (7-10 pax), guide

Entrance fee to Mezhyhirya = UAH 50/€ 2 per you + UAH 50/€ 2 per guide
Entrance fee to banya = UAH 50/€ 2 per you +          UAH 30/€ 1,5 per guide
Entrance fee to Honka = UAH 200/€ 9 per you +          UAH 200/€ 9 per guide
All entrance fee should be paid on the spot by you.

Available languages - UKR, RUS, ENG, GE, IT, GR.
contact us to book this tour or request individual price.

Mezhyhirya, Honka

Mezhyhirya, Honka